• Trademark Filing

    1. US Filing

      Manage trademarks filed in the U.S.

    1. International Filing

      Manage trademarks filed internationally.

    1. Add Ons

      View and manage client add ons.

    1. Post Filing

      Manage post filing services.

  • Clients

    1. All Clients

      View all clients.

    1. Client Management

      Manage your assigned clients.

    1. Leads

      View all leads.

    1. Client Tagging

      Manage client tagging.

    1. Leaderboard

      View the leaderboard.

  • Offline Orders

  • Operations


    1. Matter size

      View all the matters of Trademarkia

    1. Subscription Management

      Keep track of all client subscriptions

    1. Refunds

      Manage client refunds


    1. Coupons

      Track all coupons for Trademarkia

    1. Manage International Content

      International Content Management for Trademarkia

    1. Manage URLs

      URL Management for Trademarkia

  • Teams

    1. Teams

      Manage all teams

  • Matter AdminMatter Admin/tm
    US FilingUS Filing/tm/us_filing
    International FilingInternational Filing/tm/int_filing
    AddonsAdd ons/tm/addons

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